(aka mosaic puzzle)

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Check my video with fill a pix tips to solve these puzzles.

In a mosaic puzzle you must color some cells black. Some boxes contain numbers to indicate which cells to color black. The black cells form a picture. That is why this puzzle is also called fill-a-pix.

The numbers in a cell show how many directly adjacent cells including the numbered cell must be colored BLACK. Color the other cells WHITE.

Follow the instructions below to solve the mosaic puzzles from this website:

  • SERIES: Series 1 = letters. Series 2 = drawings. Series 3 = faces.
  • PUZZLE: Enter the number of the puzzle you want to complete. Between brackets is the number of puzzles per serie.
  • START: This puzzle is now loading.
  • Click on NEXT to automatically show the next mosaic puzzle.
  • Click on a GRAY cell to change to BLACK.
  • Click on a BLACK cell to change to WHITE (=not part of the picture).
  • Click on a WHITE cell to make it GRAY and neutral again.
  • Click CHECK to see the mosaic puzzle. The wrong cells will color red.
  • Click SOL to see the solution of the fill-a-pix puzzle.