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The Sandwich Sudoku also called Between 1 and 9 Sudoku follows the same rules of classic sudoku but has extra clues outside the grid. The clues are the sum of the digits between 1 and 9 in that row or column.

  • When you have eg. 0, then there are NO cells between 1 and 9.
  • When you have eg. 35, then 1 and 9 must be in the first and last cell.
  • When you have eg. 9, then you have a choice between (27 36 45) and (234).

If you need extra help to solve this puzzle, then check our page with Between 1 and 9 Sudoku techniques

Look HERE for a list of all the possible combinations with the numbers 5 - 35.

CHOOSE PUZZLE: LEV: Choose level to 4.
PUZ: enter the puzzle number of your choice. Between brackets is the number of puzzles.
START: choose this to load the puzzle.
COLOR CELL: Click on a cell to color it yellow or back to white. You can use this for excluding cell to be 1 or 9.
ROW: In front of every SUM you will find the missing digits for that row.
COLUMN: Above every SUM you will find the missing digits for that column.
BOXES (1-9): At the top left are 9 boxes with the missing digits of the 9 subgrids.
NUMBER OF DIGITS: At the top you can see how often a number has already been entered and where.

ENTERING DIGITS: On the left, in the first column, choose the digit(s) you want to enter and then click on the sudoku cell of your choice. You can enter 1 or more digits. Choose one digit and click on the empty cell (=bottom left corner) to place one digit in small size.
BUTTON NEXT: Choose NEXT button to jump to the next puzzle.
BUTTON ✓: Choose button to check the puzzle. All the correct numbers turn GREEN just like the initial numbers and now can not be changed anymore.
BUTTON SOL: Click on the SOL button to display the puzzle solution.

Source puzzles: Cracking The Cryptic: puz 1 to 6. The other puzzles I have created myself.